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Home » Boxing cricketer Jessie Ryder in coma following attack

Boxing cricketer Jessie Ryder in coma following attack

Ryder, 28, was reported to have been on a night out, when he was attacked, not once but twice after becoming embroiled in an altercation with what is said to have been a group of men.

One eyewitness has stated that Ryder was repeatedly kicked whilst on the floor by the attackers and after amazingly getting to his feet, was struck again as he stumbled to a nearby takeaway.

The Wellington cricketer, who made a foray into boxing after deciding to quit the international side of the sport due to personal problems, was due to begin a lucrative contract in the Indian Premier League with Delhi Daredevils – but that is now obviously on hold.

England rival Andrew ‘Freddie; Flintoff, who also made a move into pugilism recently, was called out by Ryder earlier this year – although the injuries suffered in the attack mean that any future participation in the sport is likely to have been taken away from the New Zealander.

The latest news on Ryder is that he is currently in an intensive care unit in hospital with severe head injuries, although specialists have assured that he has suffered no brain damage from the incident.