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Home » Alexander: Brook is basic, hasn’t fought anyone and will get brutalized!

Alexander: Brook is basic, hasn’t fought anyone and will get brutalized!

The fight has been pushed back twice so far since first announced late last year and Alexander is one hundred percent focused on Brook after rumours swirled that ‘The Great’ was in-line for a possible fight with Floyd Mayweather.

“I’m excited that the fight is back on, although the fight was never off as just I had a injury and had to postpone the fight,” Alexander explained to World Boxing News.

The 26 year-old also admitted that he is not really interested in sifting through a catalogue of Brook’s previous bouts and sees the Briton as just another pretender to his crown that will be brushed aside as Alexander eyes up some huge battles down the line.

“I have looked at enough Brook fights to see what I need to see and I’m not missing anything as he is basic fighter,” said Alexander.

“I haven’t seen one fight that I was impressed with because he hasn’t fought anyone of a high calibre.”

Some US boxing media and figures in the sport are giving Brook a chance against Alexander – despite the American’s confidence, although the champion believes that he is the heavy favourite to retain his belt.

“I haven’t heard anyone from the US going for Kell, but if they are, they are just people that don’t like me and want to see me lose.

“How can you go for Kell to win when 95% of people in boxing don’t even know who he is.”

When asked about the Mayweather tweet and whether the two could meet later in the year for a unification, Alexander added: “I’m not going to speak to much about the Floyd fight, but I’ll tell you this, big things are coming for me after I brutalise Kell Brook in May!”