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Home » Herbie Hide denies fight-fix claims, says he’s retired

Herbie Hide denies fight-fix claims, says he’s retired

The tabloid made the claims earlier this week, which included video evidence of the sting, although Hide, 41, stated that the whole operation was a set-up and that he won’t be fighting again anyway.

“I said: ‘I’m retired – I’m not interested in fighting no more’,” Hide told the BBC’s Look East.

” ‘If you did fight, would you lose (he asked me? How much would that cost?’

“They were telling me what they wanted done. And I’m saying to them that cannot be done. You have to remember this was a ‘stitch-up’.

“I’m not even in boxing. How can I set up a rig? How can that be done? They manufactured it.”

The police have now been handed a dossier and media clips of The Sun’s exploits with Hide, which threatens to forever tarnish the Norwich fighter’s previously successful career in the sport if proven true.

The ‘Dancing Destroyer’ has been linked to several returns to the sport since his brief Prizefighter appearance in 2010, although the whole situation Hide finds himself in at the moment may have already made any comeback decision for him.