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Home » Tony Thompson: The good guys are left without guns so allow doping

Tony Thompson: The good guys are left without guns so allow doping

The two-time world title challenger, who faces British champion David Price on Saturday night in Liverpool, made the out-there comments after arriving in the UK this week and sees opening the floodgates for doping as the only way to combat it.

“I know this is going to be kind of controversial for people, I think they should just allow doping, period. Because to me it’s like the gun law,” Thompson told BBC Radio Five Live.

“Only the good guys are listening, so it leaves the good guys without the guns.

“So you just allow everybody – it’s an issue of choice. I would never want to be doing anything to alter my body down the road anyway. We all have our suspicions.

“All of the money that we’re using to catch cheats and supplement your body in sports should be used for other things. This is sport and this is not insider training. This is not eliminating hunger in the world. Its just sports,” he added.

Thompson’s comments certainly won’t help the task at hand to clean up the sport as 2012 saw the worst cases of high-profile doping in boxing of all time and testing is now being called for on a larger scale.

The likes of Lamont Peterson, Andre Berto and heavyweight Mariusz Wach have been caught up in the storm and Thompson may be better served to stick to lacing up the gloves as he tries to prolong his career.

The 41 year-old is gearing up for his own make-or-break bout with Price, 29, and says defeat would almost certainly mean he will hang up his gloves after a thirteen-year 40-fight professional stint.