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Home » Doctor claims Botha tested positive for ‘adrenalin amphetamines’

Doctor claims Botha tested positive for ‘adrenalin amphetamines’

The 44 year-old, who was seemingly robbed of a possible stoppage victory as the twelve-round fight was astonishingly cut to ten with Williams in trouble, is now facing a WBA investigation after two banned substances were uncovered.

Dr. Peter Larkin explained that Phentermine and Benzodiazepine were confirmed as the drugs in the South African’s system, meaning that any inquiry into the result of the fight now becomes obsolete.

“One puts you to sleep, one keeps you awake,” Larkin told Fairfax Media.

“Phentermine is part of the go-fast group, as I call them, which is similar category to all of the adrenalin amphetamines…anything that is a stimulant that keeps you awake and improves your reflexes.”

Botha is now facing a lengthy ban from the sport, which could spell the end of his career as ‘The White Buffalo’ joins a host of recent high-profile boxers to be caught out by testers.

Editor’s update (12.05pm GMT): It has now been disputed by News Ltd that any such test took place with either fighter involved.

More to come….