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Home » Don’t write off Manny Pacquiao after Juan Manuel Marquez KO

Don’t write off Manny Pacquiao after Juan Manuel Marquez KO

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The end of an era is upon us if you believe what you read after a shuddering right hand from Juan Manuel Marquez. The punch completely laid out eight-weight great Manny Pacquiao in their entertaining fourth meeting in Las Vegas last month.

Even before this event happened, derogatory statements had been flying around about Pacquiao. They included; ‘Pacquiao must be on something to be that good’ and ‘how could he go from being a flyweight to a light-middleweight without taking this or taking that.’

Add to that so-called former sparring partners injecting him. Then there’s pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather’s constant barrage of abuse, coupled with his dismissal of Pacquiao’s right to a 50-50 split in any potential super-fight.


Ring announcer Teddy Atlas’ had also been vocal in his personal vendetta against the Filipino Congressman. No doubt smirking following the Marquez defeat.

If you ask me, Atlas and his negativity towards Pacquiao threatens to put a dampener on the legacy of a true ring warrior. A man who has never – for one second – come across as someone who lacks integrity.

From capturing his first title in 1998 to his rise to popularity. His extended capabilities in recent years and impressive performances against much bulkier champions. One thing is for certain and unequivocally can’t be denied – Manny Pacquiao is an exceptional fighter. His achievements cannot be underestimated.

Pacquiao’s skills are unsurpassed. And only rivaled by the great Floyd Mayweather himself over the last 10 years. You would have to go way back to find anyone close to Pacquiao in quality at his best.

Fight fans will always have their favourites. Whilst futile debates about a 1986 Mike Tyson versus a 1974 Ali will rage on and on. But there are some absolute world beaters out there. Pacquiao at one time was king of them all.



From 130lb to 140lb, Manny Pacquiao is probably in the top five of all time. The debate is always going to rumble on for decades about who truly is the best boxer ever. Pacquiao’s reign through the weight divisions alone has to be stood up with the best achievements the world has ever seen.

The way he dominated much larger opponents. And true world-class opponents at that, is truly remarkable. In every fight that you see his name headlining the bill, you can guarantee you won’t be disappointed for your money.

Pacquiao was royally robbed against Timothy Bradley, but then again – he should have lost the third fight with Marquez, so does balance it out.

With years left of his career, you simply can’t write him off just yet. Especially on the back of what was ‘the perfect punch’ by Marquez.

I’m thoroughly throwing my backing behind a Pacquiao revival in 2013.

The 34 year-old, who may fight again in April, is an entertainer we should all cherish while he is still here.


He’s willing to lace on the gloves for our pleasure. It may be a long time until we see another who can rule through the weights as the ‘Pacman’ has.