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Miranda: Bellew will know he is in a fight!

The 31 year-old, who boasts 30 knockouts in 35 wins from 42 contests, is looking forward to returning to the UK following a fifth round stoppage win over Joey Vegas in 2009 and believes Bellew is in for a rude awakening.

“I was looking for a good fight in Europe and especially London as my experience fighting there last time was amazing,” Miranda told World Boxing News.

“I love the city and they have some of the best fans in the world. My manager told me Tony Bellew was looking for a fight and that he talks a good game, so I think a fight between us will be very entertaining.

“I have watched some of his recent fights on YouTube and Bellew seems to have a good heart. I like that in a fighter and I know he will come to fight.

“We will meet in the middle of the ring and he will soon learn he is a kitten fighting a Panther.”

Miranda has been involved in some all-out wars during his career and is a regular on US TV as for the excitement he generates with the boxing fans. Some have questioned whether his career may now be winding down after an eleven years in the sport, which the Colombian denies, and is ready to prove in the autumn.

“I want all boxing fans to know that Edison Miranda is not done. People have questioned my heart, my chin and my power at light heavyweight. People have said I am not the same Edison Miranda who broke Abraham’s jaw in Germany the night they stole the belt away from me.

“It is true I have been through many tough battles since that day. I have gone through different trainers and have gone through some tough times. I was cut badly in my last fight and was not able to fight as I was trained.

“It was a tough loss for me. Many fans ask why I didn’t quit after the cut and go home with a win that night but I am not a quitter. As long as I can stand up I will continue to battle. That is who Edison Miranda is. The fans did not pay to see a quitter.

“I can say this, Tony Bellew you are in for the fight of your life. I will have the best training camp to train for this fight. I will have the best sparring and I will be in better shape than I have ever been when I step on the ring with you.

“I will not stop pounding you with my rocks until the referee pulls me off. You have made a career mistake in signing to fight me. Now I know why you only have a one fight contract with your promoter.”