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Hennessy: Fury won’t travel for world title

Fury, 23, has stated his willingness to fight one of the world champion Klitschko brothers in the past and although Hennessy believes Fury is ready for a shot, the promoter stated that his fighter will only face a world title holder who is willing to travel to British or Irish soil.

“He can go all the way. He can be world champion as quick as he wants,” stated Hennessy in the post-fight interview with Channel 5’s Mark Pougatch and Al Bernstein.

“We are just going to keep him busy now. He’s looking at June 30th on Channel 5. He’s had the British, the Commonwealth and now he’s got the Irish title so the European would be nice and then genuine world honours.

“Look, he would beat Povetkin (WBA champion) tomorrow – let’s be real here. He would absolutely wipe the floor with him, but that fight’s not going to happen anytime soon because he’s the champion and the fight would end up being in Germany.

“We are going to manoeuvre Tyson because he is the star. He is the biggest star behind the Klitschko’s at the moment. He is going to be the one where we bring them over here. He is going to have the leverage because he is the star.

“We are going to get him into a position where we bring the Povetkin’s over here and even bring the Klitschko’s over when the time is right, because he is the only heavyweight who can do it,” he added.

The Irish champion is now hoping to keep busy with a fight every two or three months until a European title shot can be arranged, although current title holder Robert Helenius is unlikely to be willing travel out of the Nordic countries and Fury may have to wait for the Finn to vacate the belt for his chance.