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Home » Boente wanted Haye ejected from Vitali v Chisora

Boente wanted Haye ejected from Vitali v Chisora

Haye, 31, was asked for an interview by German TV Network RTL who then proceeded to walk him right next to Boente, who has had numerous problems with Haye over fight with Wladimir and projected bout with Vitali and tried to have him removed.

“Whilst ringside doing RTL interview, Bernd Boente (K2 manager) went crazy and called security to have me ejected!! HaHa How sad is he,” Haye tweeted moments later.

“I always had a feeling Bernd was to blame for trying to re-negotiate the agreed terms! Seeing Bernd with tears, foaming at mouth was classic!”

The former cruiserweight king then switched back to the safety of the BoxNation TV position and laughed off the incident. Bunce seemed to think that the move was a ploy by RTL to drum up interest in a possible June bout between Vitali and Haye, which Boente has already ruled out.