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Ameen admits correcting Khan v Peterson card

Ameen was due to attend a hearing today to explain his actions but when it was made known that he would not attend the IBF appointment, Khan subsequently withdraw his complaint in fear of an unfair hearing.

The ‘Mystery Man’ or ‘Man in the hat’ as he became known with nobody knowing is identity in the immediate hours after Khan’s Twitter complaint, is now attempting to clear himself of any wrongdoing without any proceedings being brought by Team Khan.

“I noticed one error and a subsequent error. I assisted him in correcting it without touching anything,” he told BBC Sport.

“I happened to look down, I believe at the end of the third round, I looked down and I saw Mr Welsh’s score. I saw, I believe, it could have been nine, nine and nine – which is 27 all day long. There was an error. It might have been 26 or 28 but he was off by a point or two.

“I happened to look down and I said ‘Michael, nine times three is 27’. He said ‘oh my God’ and corrected himself.

“And he said ‘I’m not feeling well this evening, thank you very much’.”

The appearance of Ameen at the fight may now go unpunished as Khan attempts to seal a rematch with Peterson on the back of the WBA ordering that the fighters should meet in the next few months – but there is also now creeping doubt about the IBF title being on the line for the return.

Khan, 25, would have to be content with a WBA title challenge if Peterson deems that sufficient, although the 50/50 offer put to the table by the Briton should lead to both titles being up for grabs when the pair clash for a second time.