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Mayweather: Do I want the Pacquiao fight? – Absolutely!

The former ‘Pretty Boy’ has an awesome record of 41-0, and was billed as the ‘Biggest Star in Boxing” in the pre-conference promo and the Star in ‘Star Power’ even though he has almost as many knockouts a ‘Vicious’ Ortiz has victories. Title holder Ortiz, 24, was billed as the ‘Power’ and Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer emphasised that point on my than one occasion, stating Ortiz had put his last four opponents on the canvas.

Through all the niceties and back-patting though, Mayweather did touch on his treatment by the media and a possible meeting WBO champion Manny Pacquiao in the future. Mayweather, 34, asked the press to make sure they hear both sides of a story before they print it and then went on to confirm the Pacquiao bout is in his forthcoming plans.

“Let me tell you this, Floyd doesn’t duck or dodge anyone,” he stated. “For my fans and the Manny Pacquaio fans, do I want the fight? Absolutely.

“If the fans want it, I want to give it to them, but one step at a time, Victor Ortiz has earned the right.”

Mayweather also went on the defensive at times and almost looked emotional as he turned to his opponent and thanked him for taking the challenge. The Las Vegas-based fighter thanked the media for keeping him in the headlines for 16 years, before touching on his past comments to Pacquiao that have caused him to face legal action from his arch-nemesis.

“I never once said Manny Pacquiao was a cheat, I just said take the test,” explained Mayweather. “I say take the test because I want you to earn it. I don’t want to go through none of that, just take the test. All I ask for is respect.

“I never discredited Manny Pacquiao. He was in the sport before me. You can always tell if a young fighter is going to become a superstar. You never see a guy in middle of his career becoming a superstar, it doesn’t happen.

“This is not my last fight. I want to stay active and hopefully I can give you guys ten more fights,” added the former champion.