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Ryan Garcia warned hair testing won’t clear him like Canelo

Ryan Garcia won’t be able to clear his name like his friend Canelo Alvarez by using hair samples for testing.

That’s the view of Victor Conte, who relentlessly criticized Garcia’s attempts to use the method as proof he didn’t knowingly ingest steroids.

As World Boxing News reportedly exclusively, Garcia sent hair samples to an independent tester on May 17, five weeks after his victory over Devin Haney. Garcia’s legal team then reported the negative outcome on the day his B-sample was opened and confirmed positive on April 19 and 20.

The difference between Canelo and Ryan Garcia’s hair testing

Garcia says the lack of presence of ostarine in his hair is an indication of his innocence. However, Conte – who has a long history linked to being involved in a drug scandal and being an advocate for clean sport, explained why this wasn’t the case.

“Hair testing for SARMS [Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators] including ostarine. A negative hair result cannot exclusive the use of the detected drug in urine and cannot overrule the urine result,” said Conte.
Only four studies were published testing SARMS in human hair.

“‘Hair testing for SARMS: Current Knowledge and Limitations’ was published in Jan 2022. In my opinion, this area of research is still in its infancy, and much is still unknown regarding the validity of this method and its limitations. Those limitations of hair tests for SARMs include ostarine. It reads: ‘SARMs or anabolic steroids, neutral lipophilic compounds are poorly incorporated into the hair.'”

“SARMS hair testing may have been used as an adjunctive tool but is still in its infancy.”

He added by citing the Canelo case for clenbuterol, for which the Mexican avoided a lengthy ban in 2018.

“From WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency]. ‘Basic lipophilic compounds are generally preferentially integrated into the hair. Clenbuterol, in particular, represents an outstanding candidate for HAIR incorporation”. Ostarine & clenbuterol are NOT from the same family.

“Enough Garcia vs Canelo hair test comparisons. My take. Canelo gave receipts of two restaurants with contaminated meat traceable to the slaughterhouse. He also provided a study showing thirty percent of Mexico’s meat is contaminated. Plus, the hair test suggests no intent, and has Ryan Garcia presented his source?”

Will Garcia be clear on the evidence provided?

Conte concluded by laying the next move on Garcia, who he believes has yet to prove anything.

“B-sample drug testing 101: I think there should be more clarity about B-sample testing at a WADA lab. I understand that B samples are tested in a single day with technical reps involved there to observe the A-Z process, including results,” pointed out Conte.

“The Burden of proof is now one thousand percent on Ryan Garcia to prove where he got the exposure to ostarine. The strict liability rule requires him to prove there was no intent to cheat. If he cannot, I believe he will be fined and suspended by the NYSAC [New York State Athletic Commission].”

Conte added that Garcia’s threat to inflict his legal team on VADA and himself over the case is yet to come to fruition.

“Remember this from two weeks ago by Garcia, ‘I’m suing VADA and Conte, I’m taking this to court, so be prepared for war!’ –

“In my opinion, this kid has disrespected the sport of boxing with his many lies. I feel sad for the Garcia family. They seem to have a disease called fabrication-itis.”

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