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Ryan Garcia testing hair two weeks after VADA fails questioned

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Reaction to Ryan Garcia’s legal team putting out a hair follicle defense moments after his rival’s B-sample returned positive for ostarine has reached fever pitch.

Garcia’s representatives sent a statement to World Boxing News that outlined a contamination occurrence due to his hair sample coming back clean. The immediate question then switched to when the hair sample was taken, given that Garcia didn’t find out about his positive test until two weeks after his victory over Devin Haney.

When did Ryan Garcia submit hair samples for testing?

That information release said ‘soon after the notification of his positive test,’ which points to around May 2 or May 3. That is a long time after the fight. Former world champion Ishe Smith pointed out that Garcia could have done anything during that time, contributing to removing traces from his head.

“Garcia submitted hair after he was already positive two times,” said Smith. “He cycled off [the ostarine] after the fight. The positive test wasn’t known until nearly two weeks after the fight. So when did he submit the hair follicle test? You all will believe anything.”

Smith added that for clarity, Garcia should have used VADA procedures to clear his name, which is the same company that did the original testing.

“A guy gets in a car accident, gets popped for drunk driving, and he’s twice the legal limit over. He shows up at court saying he did his own test, which shows he was under the limit. See how dumb that sounds? You will believe anything. If VADA had collected hair and urine, and Ostarine showed up in the urine but not the hair at the time of testing, that’s one thing. But to do your own test weeks after finding out you tested positive two times, what does that really prove? Bruh, you cycle off [the ostarine] already.

“Why wouldn’t he pay to do his own urine test if he didn’t trust VADA? FYI, I have never known any sport to take hair. It’s always blood or urine. At the highest level of sport, Olympics, and Professional, I have never heard about hair, so why now with him?”

Devin Haney responds to Garcia’s B-sample

Haney also questioned Garcia’s decision to go down the hair defense route.

“Ryan and his team knew he would test positive [in the B-sample], that’s why they did a BS “hair test” on their own, which, who knows if they did it?”

He added a dig at Oscar De La Hoya: “Oscar ain’t answered the phone for weeks. I’m calling about my money.”

The argument on both sides rages on.

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