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Home » Bizarro Deontay Wilder: I was hand selected in my mother’s womb

Bizarro Deontay Wilder: I was hand selected in my mother’s womb

Deontay Wilder continues his trip into the bizarro world as the former heavyweight champion enlightens his fans on his state of mind.

As World Boxing News pointed out last week, Wilder’s social media activity exploded at the back end of January.

Before this month, you could count on your hands the number of times “The Bronze Bomber” would tweet anything.

Addressing his behavior seems to clarify that Wilder hasn’t been hacked. That this is him posting the weirdness.

Deontay Wilder bizarreness

Over the weekend, Wilder’s comments of ‘entering back into his own world soon’ made for dumbfounding reading.

“I hate when I can’t lower the levels of my mind volume makes my head hurt,” stated Wilder.

“The more time you spend with yourself, the more you learn about yourself. It’s like driving a car. The more you drive, the more you learn,” he added.

On his conduct of late, Wilder stated: “I just got a lot to say right now, so excuse my behavior. I’ll enter back into my world soon.”

Prolonging his offer of ‘Wilder wisdom,’ the explosive puncher continued: “Love and being in love are two different things. I love you [equals] I’ll do anything for you but to a certain extent.

“I’m in love with you [equals]. There’s nothing I won’t do. I had to redo, sorry.”

Wilder then seems to be addressing a female through his social account.

“Hey, Baby, mistakes are common. It’s okay to make them. What’s important is what you learn from it. I Love you. Bye. – Champ.

“What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained. Very Misunderstood. I’m Different.

“Fun Fact: I’m an empath,” he clarified.

Hand selected

In other posts, Wilder said: “Caution. A Drunk person or A mad/hurt person will tell you the whole truth, listen but be careful, for you might not like what you hear.

“I stay under attack because I have that light. I was chosen. But I didn’t ask for this, but for much is given, much is required.

“I was hand selected in my mother’s womb. Heavy is the head that wears the crown.”

Fans don’t know what to make of Wilder’s consistent want to post whatever is in his head. It’s only adding to a recent interview where he told Andy Ruiz Jr. he’d need steroids to beat him.

An announcement on his next fight against Ruiz has been due for weeks.

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