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Home » Mayweather CEO mangles De La Hoya’s Davis-Garcia demands

Mayweather CEO mangles De La Hoya’s Davis-Garcia demands

Floyd Mayweather CEO Leonard Ellerbe roasted Oscar De La Hoya for his demands over a Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia clash.

Garcia stated to his promoter that De La Hoya had to make the fight next, despite Ellerbe explaining that Davis is the A-side.

De La Hoya has to bow to specific stipulations, with Davis being the money generator, according to Ellerbe. So far, the Golden Boy boss has not played ball.

Rsponse to De La Hoya

Ellerbe responded to a video of De La Hoya speaking to

On making Davis vs Garcia, De La Hoya said: “When we talk about a Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia fight, it shouldn’t be that tricky to make.

Floyd Mayweather CEO Leonard Ellerbe Oscar De La Hoya

Sean Michael Ham / Triller

“But since you have to guys that are A-sides, it’s going to be a little back-and-forth.

“I know Floyd promotes Gervonta Davis. I promote Ryan Garcia, so it’s just a matter of just talking it out. Figuring out who deserves a few extra points and who deserves a few less, let’s give and take.

“It’s all about just being fair, basically. Because both guys sell, both guys have a name. They both can sell PPVs — even though Ryan hasn’t fought on PPV.

“They both can sell arenas. They’re the draws. So it’s not tricky to make, but it can be a little complicated.”

Ellerbe mangles demands

As usual, Ellerbe did not hold back with his assessment.

“Oscar is a lying piece of s***. To prove it, we will put up $5 million to his $1 million or whatever he can scrape up.

“We will present the info to an arbitrator who then can determine the winner. The winner donates the money to a charity of their choice. The public can see who’s lying!

“Oscar’s assertion that Tank and Ryan are equal is all bull, and anyone who can add knows that.

“In Ryan’s last fight at the live gate, he grossed $1.126,155.00. In that same building, Tank grossed $3.525,855.00. That’s less than a 3rd. How is that equal?

“Tank has done substantially more than 100k buys in everyone one of his PPV fights.

“Oscar is trying to do everything he can not to make a fight. It’s time to expose the facts. This is a terrible look for Ryan and his promoter.”

Davis vs Garcia

So far, Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia are a million miles away from fighting each other in 2022. It’s not as simple as Garcia demanded the fight.

There’s much to discuss. However, Mayweather and Ellerbe have said on more than one occasion that Tank is happy doing Tank.

He will continue to do his own thing, whether Davis fights the big names or not.

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