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More fears for health of Adrien Broner after wheelchair hospitalization

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Fears continue to grow over the health of former world champion Adrien Broner following a recent spell in hospital.

Broner looks far from a professional athlete in another worrying appearance over the weekend by the super-lightweight star.

The 32-year-old was worse for wear, disheveled, and a haggard version of himself as he showed a glimpse into his life since leaving the hospital.

But when Broner broke his silence from yet another wheelchair-bound episode, you would have thought he doesn’t have a care in the world.

“The Problem” has been in and out of facilities due to problems with alcohol and his wild lifestyle in recent years, the latest coming one week ago.


As World Boxing News reported, Broner was filmed in a hospital elevator, looking out of it in a wheelchair.

Fears, not only for his career but his life, came thick and fast from fans. However, ten days later, Broner nonchalantly asked about what move he should watch rather than giving an update on his current plight.

Upon closer inspection, Broner’s story emerged as he quizzed what medication he’d been prescribed when sharing a picture of the containers.

Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner medication

The final part saw Broner emerge with puffy eyes and slurring his words in another troubling vision into his demise when outside of the ring.

Inside the ropes, Adrien Broner can be one of the best super-lightweights on the planet – if in peak condition. However, he looks a million miles away from that right now.

Offers to fight some top 140 pounders and welterweight contenders can no longer be taken seriously until Broner cleans himself up and gets back in the gym.


Far too often has Broner’s lifestyle taken headlines away from his boxing skills as one victory in the last five years tells its own story.

Last February, making a return to action was hoped to be the start of a world title run. Sadly, Broner took the money he needed and stopped short of the required eight-week camp to score another payday.

Promoters and sanctioning bodies must question Broner’s career at the top level. If he does come back again, it will almost certainly be only for money.

It’s hard to watch another talented boxer throw his career down the toilet way before his time. Certainly, when at one point, Broner was a pound-for-pound superstar.

Someone needs to put an arm around the Cincinnati man rather than a drink in his hand. To help him get back on his feet before it’s too late.

A wasted skillset.

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