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Home » Twelve-loss heavyweight fed to a vicious Deontay Wilder for certain KO

Twelve-loss heavyweight fed to a vicious Deontay Wilder for certain KO

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A UK heavyweight with twelve losses on his record and three straight defeats is getting offered to Deontay Wilder as a comeback opponent for a surefire KO.

Derek Chisora, whose best days are a decade behind him, continually gets wheeled out in his home country due to his promotional company’s apparent lack of top division depth.

Eddie Hearn, his promoter, has issued a challenge to Wilder to face Chisora, even though ‘WAR’ took a hell of a beating last time out.

Joseph Parker beat the fighter formerly known as ‘Del Boy’ from pillar to post. Any concerned member of his team would undoubtedly tell Chisora to retire.

But not Eddie. He wants Chisora trading blows with the most dangerous heavyweight of this generation.

Not only that, but Chisora now seems to be on board himself despite initially keeping quiet. His trainer Dave Coldwell already told Hearn that he should ‘lay off the Sherry’ when he first mentioned the Wilder fight over the holiday season.

Although not sounding too convinced, Chisora told talkSPORT: “If I have to fight Deontay Wilder, I have to fight whoever.”

Maybe a little apprehensive on the part of Derek.

He also said: “I’m open to anything. I love fighting. What most people don’t understand is some people want to have the perception of being boxers on Instagram.”

“I want to be that guy that when I sit down, and everybody looks at my resume, I want to say, ‘You know what, I fought everybody in my era.’ I don’t want to let people decide for me. I decide for myself and be happy with the decision I make.

“So if I have to fight Deontay Wilder, if I have to fight whoever, if I have to fight an American, I don’t care, I will fight.”

At 38, Chisora should step away. He has nothing more to prove and doesn’t look capable of beating any of the top guys out there.

Tyson Fury Derek Chisora



Frank Warren, Tyson Fury’s UK handler, certainly agrees with that notion.

“Chisora should retire, end of story,” Warren told the BBC.

Warren’s advice comes as Fury named Chisora as a potential opponent for 2022 despite beating him twice handily already.

“The only way Tyson fights Chisora again is if we were struggling for an opponent or if Tyson insisted on it,” pointed out the Hall of Famer.

“He [Derek Chisora] should retire. He shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the ring, let alone in there with Tyson.”


Suppose a vicious Deontay Wilder got hold of him. Who knows what could happen? He’d undoubtedly be devoured and possibly hurt badly.

Hopefully, common sense prevails on that one.

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