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Home » Kid Galahad excruciatingly wins IBF belt as Jazza Dickens takes too much

Kid Galahad excruciatingly wins IBF belt as Jazza Dickens takes too much

Kid Galahad won the vacant IBF featherweight title thanks to an excruciating victory over British rival Jazza Dickens at Matchroom Headquarters in Essex.

The Sheffield man took the strap once owned by Josh Warrington. However, Dickens took far too much punishment and should have gotten pulled out by his corner.

Losing every round and battered by round seven, Galahad afforded the Liverpool man four more horrific rounds of accurate blows.

Dickens corner continually told him to “breathe through his mouth” as the two-time world title challenger was clearly in a bad way.

WBN’s Dan Rafael thought similarly and let his views be known.

“Dickens face completely busted up and he’s lost basically every round. Galahad winning easily. Not even sure why this is still going on,” he questioned.

Ideally, they should have realized just how much trouble he was in and saved him for another day. Despite the stubborn resistance of Dickens and his corner, he got saved before the final session started.

Galahad’s dream of becoming World Champion came after being denied the IBF title in a split decision defeat to Warrington in 2019. WBN scored the fight for Galahad, as did many at the time.

Eventually, Galahad grabbed his form of justice.

“I’ve been waiting 19 years for this, and it’s finally here, I’ve finally got it – IBF Champion of the World,” Galahad told DAZN.

“Not a little bit, the whole world. This doesn’t say regular champion. This says World Champion, so people can think what they want. I come to fight.

“I’m a full-time professional. I don’t take any days off. Jazza Dickens will become a World Champion 100%. Without a doubt, he’ll become a World Champion. I’m just over the moon.”

Kid Galahad Jazza Dickens

Ian Walton


Explaining how his journey began with a chance meeting of UK great Prince Naseem Hamed, Galahad continued: “I met him at the local mosque. I said to him, ‘Naz, I want to be a World Champion like you’.

“He told me if I wanted to become a World Champion, I needed to go and find Brendan Ingle at the St Thomas’ Boxing Club. The rest is history. I went and met Brendan, and that’s it.

“I’m going to dominate the division. I always told Eddie I was going to dominate this division. I will make sure that I clean up this division.”

In a dig at Leigh Wood, who won the unrecognized secondary version of the WBA strap last week at the same venue, Galahad concluded: “Nobody is going to beat me.

“I just beat the guy who beat Leigh Wood. This says IBF Champion of the whole World. This is not a regular title.”