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Boxing Nutrition: All fats are bad fats

There are many types of fats, all can have benefits and risks depending upon the amounts consumed, a low to moderate saturated fat diet is generally the safest health choice.

Higher consumption of unsaturated and nut/seed fats are always preferred for optimal energy patterns and improved fat metabolism and health benefits.

A good rule to follow don’t eat chicken skin, high fat meats like ribeye porterhouse prime rib T-bone, certain cuts of pork, lamb and fried food

Saturated: from land animal flesh

Unsaturated: from fish, nuts and seeds eggs

Poly and mono unsaturated fats from seeds and nuts

Hydrogenated fat: a fat that has been technically manipulated with hydrogen to extend stability and shelf life. Perhaps one of the most adverse arterial triggers for plaque

Medium chain triglyceride fat: primarily found in and a derivative of coconut. A recently popular fat choice among paleo finatics but aside from its benefits it can lead to inflammation if your metabolic structure does not manage triglycerides well.