Doubts remain over Charr vs. Lovejoy heavyweight bout two days out

Mahmoud Charr Christopher Lovejoy Heavyweight

Diamond Boy / ECB

Questions are still in the air about whether a heavyweight fight between Mahmoud Charr and Christopher Lovejoy will go ahead with just two days left.

Charr vs. Lovejoy was announced by EC Boxing last month. Since then, Don King has challenged the fight’s very existence.

The promoter issued a threat to Lovejoy, stating he held the rights to any forthcoming bout. Lovejoy responded to King by saying the Hall of Famer had little power to stop him.

Since that incident in mid-April, things had cooled. There had been no word from King over possible legal action.

WBN received the fight week schedule over the weekend, and all seemed good.

Lovejoy arrived in Germany earlier in the week and has been mingling with fans happily. The press conference has since gone off without a hitch.

Christopher Lovejoy Heavyweight charr event

But there are prominent signs that King remains firmly in the thoughts of the American heavyweight, though.

Referring to King as “Donald Duck” throughout his activities, there’s still some evident bad blood between the pair.

“Donald Duck [King] stressed out,” joked Lovejoy. “Where is that heavyweight?

“Is he going to fight again in another three years?”

The heavyweight Lovejoy seems to be asking about is Trevor Bryan, the current WBA secondary champion. The winner of this fight is in line to challenge the title-holder.

Knowing this fact, Lovejoy couldn’t help adding another dose of his reality on King.

“Only in America, you can have heavyweights undefeated (Lovejoy and Bryan) and sit on the shelf for years. That’s a damn shame how he is doing his own people man out there.

“You’ve got that boy out there starving,” he added.

Despite “One Shot” being in Germany and going through the promotional duties, there’s still an element of boxing fans who think the fight won’t happen.

Two of Lovejoy’s previous bouts had fallen apart at the last minute. Therefore, many are taking to social media and email to ask if the contest is still going ahead.


Sending a message back as he readies to trade blows with Charr, Lovejoy was in a defiant mood.

“A special shout out to all my supporters all around the world. I love yall. It means a lot,” said Lovejoy.

“I know I say I don’t care about nothing or need nobody, but all this little extra keeps me going. To my haters who ain’t supporting me, especially those who know what I have been through and what it takes to get here, even with help, they don’t make it here.

“I’m here with no amateur fights, no manager, no trainer, no promoter, no sponsor, no nothin, 100k legit!

“So if yall ain’t rocking with that, yall probably rocking with Donald Duck [King]. So keep smoking that Pookie with him.

“I’m going to see you all soon too,” concluded the unbeaten puncher.

The fight seems to be on!

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports Journalists’ Association. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.