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‘Unbelievable!’ – Boxer Jorge Paez walks to the ring in a wedding dress

In a move unseen before or since then, WBN remembers legendary showman and former world champion Jorge Paez walking to the ring in a wedding dress.

The most shocking of his ring entrances, Paez attempted to disorient his opponent at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas by sporting a white gown complete with a veil.

During the 1990s, commentators saw amazing feats happen in the boxing ring, but even the analyst team was taken aback by what they saw that night in Nevada.

‘Unbelievable,’ said one.

Barry Tompkins, of Rocky IV fame and a long-time boxing broadcaster working alongside, added: “The longer I’m around boxing, the more I’m convinced I haven’t seen everything!”

Paez, who fought Oscar De La Hoya and Pernell Whitaker unsuccessfully during his career, later discussed why he wanted to be a showman.

“After my victories, I would always do the backflip,” said Paez, whose nickname “El Maromero” amounted to ‘somersault’ in English.

“I wanted the fans to know I was a performer. I was there to give a show. And I was from the circus.

“I wanted to be different from other fighters. Other fighters wore the same trunks almost all the time, and I wanted to be different. I wanted to put on not only a good fight but a good show.”

“I was criticized a lot for being a clown,” he said. “But I wasn’t just a clown. I was a good clown who also came to fight,” he added in the interview with Ring Magazine.


Asked about the De La Hoya fight, Paez added that the young star fresh from the Olympics was one of the hardest hitters he ever fought.

“I felt Rafael Ruelas’ punches the whole night. The fight with Oscar De La Hoya didn’t go long enough. I know I went down from that shot, and I wasn’t able to continue.

“So, for a young kid that just came back from the Olympics, he punched solid,” pointed out Paez.


Ending his career in 2003, Paez amassed a 79-14-5 record in the ring and claimed world titles at featherweight.

Fans will never forget him for his extrovert behavior, which he could back up inside the ropes.

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