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Christopher Lovejoy 19-0, 19 KO’s, expected to unretire by summer

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Christopher Lovejoy and his retirement plan remained for the best part of the week. The heavyweight oddity with the ‘worst best record’ could return in the summer.

The Mexican-based American recently proclaimed himself the ‘GOAT’ when stepping away from the sport, despite holding one of the strangest top division records.

All of Lovejoy’s victories have come against opponents ranked outside the top two hundred in the world. They had an average of three wins each.

Nonetheless, the 35-year-old sees his achievements as up there with the best, having decided to move on from fighting.

“Boxing has been great. I go down in history as one of the only heavyweights to retire undefeated,” he stated last week.

“And the first-ever undefeated heavyweight to retire with a one hundred percent KO ratio with at least 15 wins.

“WBA ranked. IBF ranked. My haters, I know I made you all happy. To my supporters, I’m sorry I let you all down. The haters won. You all did that,” added Lovejoy.

Three days ago, Lovejoy issued another warning to promoters attempting to lure him out of retirement.

Christopher Lovejoy World Boxing Association

He said: ‘Don’t call me for no boxing s-. I’m making more money doing this (social media?) than messing with them clowns.

“I get paid more per hour than I ever got paid for a fight. I’m happily retired.

“So all you trainers, managers, and promoters, whatever you all think you are – who are not even in the boxing business and who call all the time – delete my number.

“You all had your chance. Go find someone else.”

When posting a boxing training video 24 hours later, Lovejoy clarified that it was now merely his hobby.

“Work during the week, workout on the weekends. Boxing is my hobby now,” pointed out the undefeated puncher.

“Them dudes came in my life and messed up my career. But God will always have the final answer.”


One day, Christopher Lovejoy had changed his tune as he contemplated a summer return.

“(Me vs) You know who. We will only come out of retirement this summer to fight each other,” read the cryptic message.

Lovejoy then ramped up talk of another fight as he belatedly launched his own YouTube channel.

Whether that summer fight does come to fruition or not, the ‘GBO Champion’ will have to ramp up his talk of returning to get enough subscribers to turn down any decent fight offers that come his way.

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