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Home » Unhappy Kid Galahad tells WBN Josh Warrington ‘lost his b*******’

Unhappy Kid Galahad tells WBN Josh Warrington ‘lost his b*******’

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Kid Galahad was hopeful of landing a rematch with Josh Warrington this year to prove that he won their first meeting once again.

The consensus surrounding their June 2019 IBF featherweight title clash was that Galahad did more than enough to take Warrington’s belt.

At the time, Warrington took a split decision verdict. Scores were 116-112 and 116-113 for Warrington, with Galahad getting it 115-113 with one official.

WBN saw it 116-112 to Galahad, as did a significant majority of those watching in the arena and at home.

Galahad wanted the opportunity to prove he had Warrington’s number. The Leeds man had other ideas.

An ordered IBF purse bid loomed last week. It aimed to do just that after the first contest’s closeness. But Warrington walked away.

The 30-year-old vacated his championship in what Galahad sees as an apparent dodge by Warrington.

Josh Warrington Kid Galahad

Discussing the matter with WBN, the Sheffield man was not happy with how things went down.

“It’s sad to say I’m not surprised,” Galahad exclusively told World Boxing News. “That’s because I’ve always known he’s an emotional fighter.

“Josh Warrington needs to feel the security or having tune-ups and having his fan base. He needs to have all things in his favor.

“People forget that even as mandatory challenger, he needed to have the former champion, Lee Selby, come to fight in his home city, Leeds.

“I’m cut from a totally different cloth. I’m from the school of Brendan Ingle. The last of a dying breed of that old school mentality that lives sleep, eat, breathe the sport.

“I know where I’ve come from and the boxing education I’ve had, and the sacrifices I’ve made. Mentally I’m on a whole different level to Josh Warrington.

“He is an insult to the “champs mentality” he talks about when he melts under pressure. He’s more ‘chumps melt-ality.’

“Also, people need to go do their research properly. He knew he was getting stripped by the IBF. He chose to avoid me so paid the price for not honoring his belt and challengers like a true champion.”


Asked why he believes Warrington vacated the strap instead of fighting him, Galahad answered: “He walked away. He begged for a condition on signing with Eddie that he wouldn’t have to fight me.

“Then came the pandemic, and he lost his fans at fight nights, lost his b*******, and lost his belt.”

The IBF will be due to update on what happens next in the coming days.

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