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Home » Nonito Donaire vs Emmanuel Rodriguez sanctioned for WBC 118lb title

Nonito Donaire vs Emmanuel Rodriguez sanctioned for WBC 118lb title

WBC World Bantamweight Champion Nordine Oubaali was scheduled to make a mandatory defense of his title on December 19, 2020, against Number 1 WBC-rated boxer Nonito Donaire.

Due to Champion Oubaali’s positive Covid-19 test result in late October, the WBC has placed Champion Oubaali as WBC World Champion In-Recess.

The WBC approved a bout between Number 1 Donaire and Number 4 Emmanuel Rodriguez for the title.


The WBC wishes to clarify the WBC Bantamweight Division. WBC World Champion Nordine Oubaali status in light of the WBC’s designation of WBC World Champion Oubaali as Champion In-Recess, according to the governing WBC Rules & Regulation.

1. As WBC World Champion In Recess, Champion Oubaali is, remains, and will remain WBC World Champion.

2. Champion Oubaali now enjoys the designation of WBC World Champion “In-Recess.” That designation in no way diminishes the WBC’s recognition, or Champion Oubaali’s status, as WBC World Champion.
In fact, the World Champion In-Recess designation elevates his status to a higher level by conferring to Champion Oubaali additional privileges he did not enjoy before.

Nordine Oubaali Nonito Donaire

a. Champion Oubaali will not have a pre-set deadline to return to the ring without losing his World Champion Status. Instead, his return will be driven by the WBC’s and the local commission’s specific medical requirements for cases like his.


b. Champion Oubaali will return to the ring as the fully recognized returning WBC World Champion. If he so chooses, he will be allowed to make a defense of his title in a voluntary contest, get back in the ring, and prepare for the mandatory fight.


3. Concerning Champion Oubaali’s future mandatory bout with the Donaire vs. Rodriguez bout winner. Consistent with the WBC Rules & Regulations, the WBC will start a new free negotiations period.

If the parties do not agree within that period, the WBC will schedule a new purse offer ceremony. A purse split stipulation of 60/40 in favor of Champion Oubaali.

4. If Champion Oubaali chooses to make a voluntary defense in February of 2021, Donaire vs. Rodriguez’s winner must fight Champion Oubaali without any intervening bout (assuming Champion Oubaali wins his voluntary defense).

If for any reason, Champion Oubaali requests a date after February of 2021 to make a voluntary defense, then the WBC will evaluate the timing of the mandatory bout to make sure that Champion Oubaali will be available to fight within the same timeframe as the winner of the Donaire vs. Rodriguez bout.