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Ex-boxer Gary Fox looks forward to bareknuckle battles

Former Northern Area champ Gary Fox is looking forward to fighting bareknuckle – and not getting nicked.

As a gloved pro, Fox’s career peaked when he fought for the English championship.

The 34 year old from Fishburn believes that now the gloves are off, he will be unstoppable.

He’s signed up to fight for BKB on their shows at the Indigo at O2 Arena – and says the sport is made for him.

“I’ve been fighting bareknuckle all my life- and getting into trouble for it,” he said.

“It will be nice to have a fight and not get arrested.

“I got myself into a bit of trouble a while back and thought: ‘I train hard and have a better life when I have a goal’ – and bareknuckle is the new challenge I was looking for.

“This will suit me.

“I was never a skillful boxer. The tall skillful boxers used to pick me off when I wanted a proper fight with them.

“This is right up my street.”

Fox has fought on Sky Sports several times – including on the undercard of a Ricky Burns world-title fight – and bareknuckle shows also offer a huge audience.

The Indigo always sells out all 3,000 tickets and shows are screened in more than 20 countries around the world.

Fox said: “I will thrive off the big crowds and the tough opponents. I told the promoters: ‘Chuck me straight in with the champion.’

“I’ve fought bareknuckle against much bigger lads and I’ve always done well.

“People go around throwing out challenges on social media and the one who always turns up!

“I’ve been to arranged bareknuckle fights around the towns where I live in front of hundreds of people.

“I’ve been in there with big men, rough men.

“I’m not bothered about having a fight. I enjoy it and have done it since I was a boy.

“I have watched BKB on television and I find myself thinking: ‘Don’t jab, have a fight.’

“I’m going to get to the centre of the ring and have a fight.

“I know I can take a shot. I’ve never taken a count. I know I’ve got a good chin and I’m going to get really fit and go for it.”