‘Ivan Dychko is not the Heavyweight GGG’ – there’s another who is!

World Boxing News published a story last week about the man who is being labeled ‘The Heavyweight GGG’ – Ivan Dychko.

The former Olympian, who has won nine fights straight by knockout, has spent less than fourteen minutes demolishing his opponents.

This feat had earned him the moniker from some fans. But since our article was released, other Kazakh boxing enthusiasts, including some Golovkin fans, have stated there’s another top division puncher they consider to be the 200 pounds plus version of GGG.

Zhan Kossobutskiy, a 31-year-old southpaw battering ram from Kostanay, is the man they believe is the biggest hitter of all Kazakh’s heavyweight stars.

Ranked above Dychko at number one, Kossobutskiy has halted thirteen of fourteen opponents, the last of which was the most impressive.

Just this past week, Kossobutskiy took out Polish veteran hardman Kamil Sokolowski, a notorious stickler for going the distance and giving up and coming fighters problems.

Sokolowski has fought 29 times as a pro and Kossobutskiy was able to become only the third man to stop him with a final round ending.

Going the distance with bruisers the likes of Lucas Browne, Nathan Gorman, David Price, Martin Bakole, and others, only Dillian Whyte and Gorman himself were able to get the job done early.

Nick Webb, a man who was tipped to be a British champion, was one of six previously undefeated heavyweight stars beaten by Sokolowski.

So the fact Kossobutskiy was able to finish him bodes well for a future rise to the top end of the weight division.

Half of his wins have come in the first round, with four in the second. And only one man – Sokolowski, was able to see the seventh round.

It seems Kazakhstan has a conveyor belt of sluggers coming through. With all seven registered pro’s currently undefeated.

The Kazakh heavyweight rankings look like this:

1 Zhan Kossobutskiy 14-0, 13 KOs (Age 31)
2 Ivan Dychko 9-0, 9 KOs (29)
3 Ruslan Myrsatayev 7-0, 6 KOs (35)
4 Nursultan Amanzholov 3-0, 2 KOs (27)
5 Izim Izbaki 3-0, 2 KOs (25)
6 Dmitry Akhtsiger 1-0, 1 KOs (22)
7 Toregali Bissengaliyev 1-0, 1 KOs (36)


Between them, they hold 38 wins and 34 stoppages. But as WBN has been made aware, Kossobutskiy is seen as the leading light. The contender who could make the biggest impact the quickest.

A triumph over Guido Vianello in the amateurs certainly doesn’t tell us the whole story from a 12-4 vested record. Furthermore, the proof will be in the future pudding.

Another GGG, though? – There sadly, may only ever be one of those.

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