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Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan praised by WBC for Humanity work

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Today, our finest fights are happening outside the ring.

The exceptional, steadfast courage and determination shown by many, has created some of the most admirable, upstanding and outstanding champions of our epoch.

The WBC wishes to celebrate and acclaim these fantastic heroes:

Doctors, nurses and all those involved in medical services, First responders, police and fire departments and from the boxing community: fighters, trainers, promoters, media and fans who have unflinchingly stepped between the ropes, literally risking their lives to help and protect those, in their hour of greatest need.

Whether they’ve conducted an online class, delivered an inspirational talk or selflessly delivered food to the hungry, created masks and shields, or bought supplies for a sick or elderly neighbor, we are so very proud of them.

The World Boxing Council is hereby presenting “Heroes for humanity Awards”.

The WBC is proud in announcing the names of the first recipients of this designation:

Jose Carlos Ramirez, WBC / WBO superlightweight champion for his inspirational leadership in support of his community in the farming area in California.

Manny Pacquiao, legendary boxing champion for his relentless support of his country The Philippines.


Amir Khan, two time world champion, for his unwavering support of the community in the Uk, Pakistan and India, through his foundation.


Erik Morales, four time WBC champion, for his sheer dedication in serving the less fortunate in his State of Baja California.

Kim Clavel, NABF champion who returned to nursing to help address the hospital crisis.

We have developed two awards, the honor certificates and the medals of honor, which will be awarded through the selection committee.

We invite everyone in the world boxing community to nominate any person who you think should be recognized and acknowledged. Please send an email to with the name of the candidate and a description of their heroic actions.

It is these Very benevolent acts that keep us united, keep us sane, that keep our humanity Front Page. We are all fighting the good fight and we are doing it together!