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Home » Eddie Hearn reveals possible no fans Fight Camp event date

Eddie Hearn reveals possible no fans Fight Camp event date

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Promoter Eddie Hearn gave an update on Friday as the Matchroom boss continues to hope for a restart to the sport in the coming months.

The Essex man also discussed a recent ‘essential’ order allowing WWE events to take place in Florida throughout the coronavirus crisis.

Here’s some of what Hearn discussed with Sirius XM Radio on The AK and Barak Show.

“This problem we have now is this pandemic is affecting everyone’s lives. As much as we need to have live sports, we have to wait and be ready,” said Hearn.

“Boxing needs to return but only at a time when it’s safe for everyone. If you’re not fit and healthy, this virus is especially dangerous.

“When boxing returns I do believe it will be in front of closed doors.

“At this point, I’m not sure if/when the Vegas scene comes back to normal. We’ve taken so many things for granted, especially the Vegas strip.

“Boxing thrives off of a live crowd. I’m already planning fights in-studio and they’ll have to be smaller fights.

How long will the fighters wait to fight? That’s the question. Different parts of the world will recover differently and at different times.

Eddie Hearn on WWE

“I think we will have to create a sort of ‘Fight Camp’ where everyone is tested.”

Pressed on WWE staging continuous shows, Hearn added: “I can’t believe the WWE is deemed essential. We don’t need that or sports in general right now, we just have to be safe.

Concluding on when he believes boxing can resume, Hearn stated: “I see June or July the latest for Matchroom to produce its next event.

“The challenge these days is to keep the sport relevant despite a lack of live fights.”