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Home » Exclusive: Tyson Fury cornerman addresses glove tampering

Exclusive: Tyson Fury cornerman addresses glove tampering

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The man who saved Tyson Fury from inevitable defeat against Otto Wallin, cutman Jorge Capetillo, has exclusively spoken to World Boxing News.

Addressing the situation in light of glove tampering accusations aimed at the WBC heavyweight champion’s bouts with Deontay Wilder.

Capetillo is primarily credited with saving Fury’s undefeated record after a terrible gash suffered last September.

The Mexican has now addressed the ongoing controversy from his Las Vegas base.

Tyson Fury’s gloves

Talking WBN through the allegations from his gym, Capetillo aimed to prove nothing untoward happened on the side of Fury.

Working closely with ‘The Gypsy King’ since the Briton relocated to Nevada for camps, Capetillo is a trusted team member. The world-renowned ‘Stitch’ Duran only recently replaced him for last month’s Wilder rematch.

Capetillo demonstrated how Fury’s gloves would have been operating in the video. It comes after he used different gloves for both Wilder fights.

Despite several professional boxers airing their caution on videos circulating the first Wilder vs Fury fight, Capetillo is adamant Fury is a clean and honest fighter.

Finger-pointing at the December 2018 battle, in which Fury was almost knocked out, accusers believe something was wrong in both contests.

Not so, according to Capetillo, who has jumped to the defense of the two-time top division ruler, his friend.

The subject has been the talk of the ‘Dark Web’ but has leaked to the mainstream in the form of ex-Fury opponent Steve Cunningham.

‘USS’ – who dropped Fury in their 2013 Madison Square Garden meeting, aired his view.

“I thought people were playing and talking about the gloves. But then I watched the video,” said Cunningham.

“Yes, this is the FIRST FIGHT, but whose gloves bend back like this? Mine have never, and I’ve been boxing since 1996.

“If you believe his hand is in that glove all the way, somethings wrong with you,” he pointed out. “His knuckles are in the wrist part of the glove.

“See where the wrist connects on the chin because that’s where the knuckles are. The padded part of the glove hits his shoulder and bounces,” added the American.


Fury has yet to respond, although plenty is on his side regarding the second fight, especially being one-sided in its domination.

Whatever happens, the 31-year-old was found to have done nothing wrong by the Commission and officials overseeing the fight, and some of the clips flying around the internet reek of sour grapes.

A trilogy is in the pipeline and could be mere months away.

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