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Home » Herman Ene-Purcell, Chris Brackin in separate fights to honor Brayd Smith

Herman Ene-Purcell, Chris Brackin in separate fights to honor Brayd Smith

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It’s the annual show in honour of Brayd Smith, it’s the night every Smithy’s TGW Gym fighter wants to be centre ring.

It’s an opportunity to honour a friend and an opportunity to cover yourself in glory.

In 2020, Mach 14 at Rumours International two men will take centre stage with the biggest opportunities of their career. Herman Ene-Purcell fights for a World Youth title and Chris Brackin for the ANBF Australasian super lightweight title.

Heavyweight Herman Ene-Purcell has a long association with Brayd Smith which began when he walked through the doors of Smithy’s TGW Gym in 2013. Brayd was one of the first people to hold pads for the footy player who turned to boxing. Brayd was the referee when Ene-Purcell stepped into the ring for the first time as part of a footy tag team fight.

“Brayd was one of the first people who believed in me,” Ene-Purcell said.

“He believed in me before I believed in me, I’ve never forgotten that.

“He was a great friend and a role model for me.

“He walked to the ring with me for my second career fight against Matt Steel and he was in my corner when I fought Paul Gallen for the first time in my third career bout in Sydney.

“He was a great human being who showed us all how life should be lived, he was a wonderful ambassador for our sport and I was lucky enough to call him a friend.

“To fight for a World Youth title on a night in honour of Brayd means so much to me.

“Brayd was a former WBC World Youth Champ and a WBF Asia Pacific Champ so if I could become a WBF World Champion on this night would be something really special to me.”

Similar to Herman Ene-Purcell, Chris Brackin has a long association with Brayd Smith.

Brackin shares the same birthday as Brayd and grew up in the gym as an an amateur idolising Brayd.

Brayd Smith was always one to assist Brackin both in the gym and travelling to a number of his amateur fights.

“As an amateur growing up Brayd Smith was all I ever wanted to be,” Brackin said.

“He was an amazingly talented fighter but what he taught me was work ethic, no one worked harder than Brayd.

“He was also a great example of how you should portray yourself, he was so well spoken, so well mannered, never in trouble and just the perfect role model for any young person to aspire to be like.

“The time he took to help me is something I’ll always remember, nothing was ever too much for Brayd.

“Great memories and he’s sorely missed by us all.

“To fight the biggest fight of my career on his night is the ultimate to me.

“There is no bigger honour.

“I understand this is the biggest challenge of my career but i’ll do everything I can to have my hand raised on March 14.”

TGW & Smithy bring the Big fights 25 on March 14 is an orange theme in memory of Brayd.

“It’s a special sight to look out over a packed house in Rumours and see a sea of orange shirts in honour of Brayd,” TGW & Smithy’s Promotions Promoter Brendon Smith said.

“I love the Brayd Smith City vs Country cup which gives the opportunities to the young fighters as well as the Brayd Smith Footy tag team which is always a spectacle.

“It’ll be a great night in honour of a great person in and out of the ring.”

MARCH 14: TGW & Smithy Bring the Big Fights 25 Rumours International – Toowoomba.