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Home » Floyd Mayweather lights presenter’s blunt, talks Conor McGregor II

Floyd Mayweather lights presenter’s blunt, talks Conor McGregor II

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Floyd Mayweather has done something out of the ordinary this week after agreeing to an unusual and candid sit-down interview which lasted over two hours long.

Speaking to N.O.R.E on his Drink Champs Show broadcast at Revolt TV, Mayweather discussed all things about his career.

The episode is set to air Thursday and sees Mayweather lighting a blunt for the co-presenter as they chatted on all subjects.

Mayweather was as confident as ever as the five-weight world title-holder looks comfortable as he went through the motions.

Revolt TV is putting together a host of top-name specials to celebrate Black History Month and Mayweather is just one of the superstars they grabbed for an exclusive.

Snippets have since been shared ahead of the premiere, which looks set to go down a storm.

At one point, Mayweather even lit N.O.R.E’s blunt and encouraged him to sip his drink as they spoke.

One topic covered was his 2017 record-breaking battle with Conor McGregor. Mayweather beat down the ex-UFC champion in ten rounds at the MGM Grand.

The first massive cross-codes event of it’s kind to smash barriers, Mayweather eased to victory without breaking a sweat.

Addressing the bout, Mayweather reiterated he didn’t really train in a startling admission.

“For the Conor McGregor (super-fight), I didn’t really train,” Mayweather told Drink Champs.

“All I did was do pushups and situps. That’s all I did. Pushups and situps, box a few times, hit the bag a few times. Because, actually, the training camp was in different places.

“I would do a training camp in Vegas a few days. Sometimes I wouldn’t go to the gym for a week.

“I took it serious. Like I said before, I wanted to have some fun in the fight. I wanted to entertain the people.”


On what dangers McGregor may have posed to him that night, Mayweather added: “My thing is this. I don’t have to watch any footage of a fighter because I’m Floyd Mayweather. Everybody’s got to watch me.”

The soon-to-be 43-year-old is currently involved in talks for McGregor’s next fight, which could be against his own fighter Manny Pacquiao.

McGregor moved a step closer to another hefty payday this week when Pacquiao signed terms with the same management company.

An official announcement on what’s going down between Mayweather, McGregor and Pacquiao is expected soon.