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Home » Demetrius Andrade tells ‘Joke-A**’ Billy Joe Saunders to step up

Demetrius Andrade tells ‘Joke-A**’ Billy Joe Saunders to step up

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Demetrius Andrade has told Billy Joe Saunders to step up to the plate after successfully retaining his title against Luke Keeler in Miami.

Andrade defended his belt for the fourth time tonight and called out the WBO World Super Middleweight Champion and also WBC World Middleweight Titlist Jermall Charlo after his dominating performance.

Discussing several subjects, Andrade said the following…

On his performance: “I thought it was good. Luke Keeler is a warrior, a future champion. But not today, today was my day. I took him to deep waters and I sunk him.”

His gameplan: “I went in there and thought I could put him out. So I took him out. I showed him I am not delusional. I got more knockdowns than I do fights, baby. I’m entertaining. You gotta love it, I come to put on a show every time.”

On wanting the big fights: “Listen, I wanted to go up to 168 to fight Billy Joe ‘Joke-Ass’ Saunders and that’s what I am looking to do. Since Eddie has that big checkbook, that big bank, give Billy that check too so I can whoop his ass.”

On Jermall Charlo: “I’m not giving up on that. Eddie Hearn sent the offer and didn’t get a response. If they want to send an offer this way, we will respond. Let’s get it on, Jermall. The boogeyman is here, baby.”

Since saying those words in the aftermath of his victory, Andrade and Saunders have exchanged social media messages.

Saunders went first, by saying: “Brother, cut the s*** out your eyes you won my vacant title defended it three times nowhere near world level. Begger.”

Andrade replied: “168. Let’s do it. May 2020. No Nasal Spray. No Excuses!!!”

Concluding the argument, Sauders stated: “Ok, let’s talk numbers.”

The ‘nasal spray’ Andrade mentioned was due to a failed drug test that scrapped their initial plans to fight in October 2018. Saunders was not granted a license due to a substance from an over-the-counter medicine.

With Canelo Alvarez the main target for Saunders, Andrade would be a solid alternative for the fans.

We wait to see how things develop.