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Khabib Nurmagomedov talks possible Floyd Mayweather clash

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UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov has opened up on a potential fight with Floyd Mayweather during the second half of next year.

The current champion and conqueror of ex-Mayweather foe Conor McGregor is currently linked to face the ‘Money’ man due to an ongoing agreement with Dana White.

Mayweather revealed plans to work with White as part of a two-fight comeback plan in 2020. The 42 year-old had previously discussed MMA before making his blueprint public.

Talking his 2017 knockout of McGregor in the boxing ring, Mayweather said: “We gave the MMA sport a boost. Eventually, I will move on to build my brand in MMA. But for right now I’m in boxing.

“Boxing will always be at the top as long as I’m involved.”

Mayweather vs Khabib

This means Khabib will almost certainly be expected to cross-codes for the Mayweather battle. But for now, Khabib is only thinking about defending his belt.

“I have already signed a contract for my next fight in April. At the moment, I’m not thinking either of boxing or of Mayweather,” Khabib told TASS.

“I have a very serious opponent. I need to overcome this challenge and then we will see.

“Boxing is his (Floyd’s) sport and he has devoted all his life to this sport. Today, he is the best in this sport with 50 wins in 50 fights.”

Concluding on the challenge facing Mayweather brings, the Russian stated: “What can I say? – He is one of the greatest boxers of all time.

“This is why it will be tough fighting against him under the rules of boxing,”

During the first six months of 2020, Mayweather is set to grace the squared circle again. Old foe Manny Pacquiao is the favorite to be in the opposite corner.

MayPac 2 could generate at least two to three million buys, according to initial reports. It’s hoped Mayweather vs Khabib would then go close to breaking the all-time record.

That’s currently held by MayPac 1 on 4.6m buys. The fight took place in May 2015.

Mayweather vs McGregor is a close second on 4.4m buys.