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Home » Philip Bowes aims for history-making victory this Friday night

Philip Bowes aims for history-making victory this Friday night

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Philip Bowes hopes making history will inspire others to listen to his message.

Bowes can go into the record books as the oldest fighter to win the British super-lightweight championship with victory over Akeem Ennis-Brown on manager Mickey Helliet’s show at the York Hall on Friday night.

The 35 year old has already won Commonwealth honours after putting losses for the English and Southern Area belts behind him.

Bowes has set up the Leytonstone Boxing Academy – and also visits schools and prisons to spread his ‘never give up’ message.

“I’m trying to get kids off the streets and I’m going into prisons to get my message across,” he said.

“I haven’t always been a model citizen myself, but I have shown that you can turn things around. I give motivational talks to prisonersand work as a mentor in schools.

“I tell them my story.

“I tell them you can turn things around, but you need to show character.

“I have had setbacks, but now look at me. I must be the oldest fighter in the rankings at 10 stones.

“I lost for the Southern Area and English titles and now I hold a bigger title and I’m going for another, My career is all about not giving up. That is the mindset I want people to have.”