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Patrick Day’s coach reaches out to guilt-ridden Charles Conwell

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Undefeated Charles Conwell has revealed his struggle to deal with the current plight of his last opponent Patrick Day.

Conwell knocked out Day in devastating fashion on Saturday night in Chicago, a final blow which Day is yet to awake from.

Day remains in a coma and in critical condition, fighting for his life in an intensive care unit at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

A mass of tributes have been made to Day, who has been labeled by promoter Lou DiBella as one of the most likeable men in the sport.

Since the outpouring of love, Conwell has been racked with guilt over the ending of the fight.

Sending out a message to the 27 year-old, Conwell revealed his feelings of guilt as Day’s future hangs in the balance.

“I never meant this to happen to you, all I wanted to do was win,” explained Conwell. “If I could take it all back, I would. No-one deserves this to happen to them.

“I replay the fight over and over in my head. Thinking what if this never happened and why did it happen to you.

“I can’t stop thinking about it myself. I prayed for you so many times. Shed so many tears because I couldn’t even imagine how my family and friends would feel.

“I see you everywhere you go. All I hear is wonderful things about you. I thought about quitting boxing but I know that’s not what you would want.

“But I know that you were a fighter at heart so I decided not to. I want to fight and win a world title because that’s what you wanted.

“That’s what I want, so I will use you as motivation every day and make sure I leave it all in the ring every time.”


In response, Day’s trainer Joseph Higgins opened a social media account specifically to reach out to Conwell.

Higgins said: “Hello Charles, I am Patrick Day’s trainer Joe Higgins. I just wanted you to know that we do understand what you must be going through as well.

“As devastated as we are we realize you are equally devastated. We know if it was the other way around we would be just as distraught.

“Thank you for your kind words. Patrick was born across the street from me so our relationship is special. He would have wanted you to continue.

“I’m am rooting for you to reach your dream, the same one he had. God Bless your Team and we will keep you in our prayers as well.

“I too am distraught because I feel responsible but do realize there is no fault. Stay strong and please don’t think we blame you,” he added.

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