Ken Shiro successfully defends WBC belt for the sixth time

📷 Sumio Yamada

World Boxing Council light flyweight champion Ken Shiro, successfully defended his WBC belt for the sixth time.

He defeated Filipino challenger Jonathan Taconing by TKO in the 4th round, on a card that took place this Friday at the Osaka Edion Arena , Japan.

An accurate right to the face, sent Taconing to the canvass, and he looked in bad condition, unsteadily standing up and trying to continue but Referee Frank Garza, wisely decided to stop it then and there.

Ken’s sixteenth win with 9 knockouts, while Jon suffered his fourth loss, in 23 wins, one draw and 22 knockouts.

In other news :


This ethics code, encompassed in a sport and physical culture framework, is highlighted by World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaimán and the President of Olympic Medalists in Mexico, Daniel Aceves Villagrán

The Mexican Council of Sports (COMEDEP) approved Code of Ethics was presented by the President of the Mexican Baseball League, Javier Salinas, after its fourth ordinary session, along with Operations Director and himself an Olympic medalist Dr. Daniel Aceves Villagran.

It’s based on 18 points, involving respect for personality, development and values, safety, clarity and responsibility of the functions, confidentiality, unity of interest, integrity, conduct, frugality, optimization of resources, information, respect for the laws, respect to local customs, participation in political activities, relationship with society, external communication, respect for freedom of expression and Fair Play.

“The Code was authorized, which incorporates a series of values aligned with international treaties, the Olympic Charter and which, within its objective, stresses that this instrument can be part of the codes of ethics and conduct of clubs, associations, leagues, federations and national sports organizations of our country,” said Mauricio Sulaiman Salvídar, President of COMEDEP.

“A Code of Ethics like the one that has authorized COMEDEP can be an instrument that encourages the diversification of responsibilities and also nurtures the processes of unification within Mexican sport,” Aceves said.

Sport in Mexico and the world is a necessity and a social right. This Code is consistent and refers to the international content and provisions on Sports, such as the International Charter of Physical Education and Sport (issued by UNESCO) and the International Convention against Apartheid in Sports (Organization for the United Nations).

COMEDEP is formed by various professional leagues of diverse sports, among them the Mexican League of Baseball of the Pacific, the Mexican summer League of Baseball, the World Boxing Council, the Professional League of American Football, the National Association of Charros, Golf, The Mexican Soccer Federation, the Cibacopa, among others.


The COMEDEP Gala is scheduled for November 21, including an award ceremony for the best athletes of the year.

This meeting is led by the president of COMEDEP, Mauricio Sulaimán Saldívar, the operational director, Daniel Aceves Villagrán; the director of integrity and Transparency, Rafael del Castillo; the presidents of the Basketball Circuit of the Pacific Coast (CIBACOPA), Paúl Luque, of the Mexican Baseball League, Javier Salinas; of the National Football League and Oscar Pérez.