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Darragh Foley bids to bounce back from recent loss in Australia

Darragh Foley aims to take another step back towards title fights and a world ranking when he fights Rusmin Kie Raha on Friday night.

‘Super’ (16-3-1-KO8) takes to the ring in Bondi Junction, Australia for his second fight in six weeks having bounced back from an IBF European title defeat back in December.

With renewed enthusiasm fuelling him through back-to-back camps, Foley is ready to produce another business-like performance.

Foley said:“The last fight was just about having fun in there again with the pressure off. No bells and whistles – no BS; just pure fighting. I didn’t even have my name on my shorts. I just went out and bought a pair of plain black ones.

“This fight, there’s no mucking about. I’m strictly business. I’ve a table for dinner booked at 10pm and I don’t intend on being late.

“I yearn to be in those big fights again. I’m a championship fighter. In my 20 fights to date, 12 have been main event title fights so that’s what I’m accustomed to.

“These two quick-fire back-to-back fights were exactly what the doctor ordered after the disappointment at the end of last year but now ‘the get back’ is in full swing.

“This kid is an aggressive fighter who comes to fight and has a 50-50 record but his losses have been in high company. He beat my last opponent so should give me better work.”

Irish-born Foley has previously held WBA Oceania, WBC Asian and WBO Oriental super-lightweight titles.