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WBC remove EIGHT fighters from rankings following drug testing protocol

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World Boxing Council officials have moved to drop seven fighters from their new ratings list due to failure to comply with the Clean Boxing Program.

The group, which include former world champion Ryan Burnett, will be required to re-apply for consideration by handing in the relevant paperwork.

Burnett’s case is different. The bantamweight is currently out injured. Meaning his inclusion is relatively obsolete.

Former world title challenger Thomas Dulorme is also featured in the removed contenders.

Explaining their decision, the WBC released the following information:

The Clean Boxing Program (CBP) of the WBC requires that all champions. Plus each of the top 15 ranked fighters from all divisions. They must register with the CBP Program.

Filling out and sending specific forms to the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA).

Boxers must enroll in a set period. No longer than 3 months after entering the top 15 positions of the rankings.

Also considering the linguistic, administrative and geographic barriers. Those may hinder immediately sending the required documentation.

Failure to enroll in the program results in their removal from the WBC classifications.

Next, we announce the boxers who have been removed. They will not feature in the March 2019 rankings.



Thomas Dulorme (P. Rico)


Jonathan Oquendo (P. Rico)


Lerato Dlamini (South Africa)


Hiroaki Teshigawara (Japan)


Ryan Burnett (GB)


Wulan Tuolehazi (China)

Jonathan Gonzalez (P. Rico)


Carlos Ortega (Panama)


The World Boxing Council is the first organization to introduce sterner measures. They aim to combat the ongoing problem of adverse findings.

Even the bigger-name stars are not immune to punishments. Canelo Alvarez, Luis Nery and David Benavidez recently found that out to their cost.

Canelo was banned for six months. Whilst Nery and Benavidez both lost their respective WBC titles due to flagged testing procedures.

President Mauricio Sulaiman is doing all he can to improve safety. Anyone brave enough to enter a professional ring should have parity with their opponents.

Same-day weight checking is the latest innovation to be trialled by the WBC. It could eventually be paramount with the correct co-operation.

Opposition has so far been apparent with the initial introduction of same-day weight.

Sulaiman is hopeful resistance will cease in time.