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Home » Chris Eubank attributes future success to 1984 ‘lottery winning’ scam

Chris Eubank attributes future success to 1984 ‘lottery winning’ scam

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Chris Eubank says there’s a good chance he would never have been a world champion had he not been scammed out of a lottery win in the 1980’s.

The retired legend, who won world titles at two weight classes, told a story of a fateful incident in New York back in the day.

Eubank revealed he hit the lottery when stateside. Just a teenager, the Brighton man revealed he was swindled out of a fortune by a shopkeeper.

“I won the lottery in 1984 at 18 in New York City,” explained Eubank. “I got five of six numbers and should have won over $100 thousand.

“The guy in the grocery (store) said it’s five numbers and the payout is $25. Naive me (I) took it.

“If he didn’t cheat me, I would have lost my focus to make (it as a world) champion six years later,” he added.

When challenged by several fans on social media, Eubank decided to respond the only way he can.

“I really cannot see what is so difficult to believe about my lottery true story. If you won’t believe the story, look at the wisdom.

“When you don’t get what you want, it is sometimes for your own good,” quipped the Briton who now calls himself ‘English’.

‘Simply the Best’ cut his teeth in the United States in some of the toughest gyms of rundown neighborhoods. Eubank is adamant this kind of education was vital to his success.


Recently, Eubank has been spending time with stateside police forces in a voluntary sheriff’s capacity because of his love for law enforcement.

As a result, Eubank was involved in several patrols and even participated at a crash scene.

Son Chris Eubank Jr. followed suit and also spent time in the US before turning professional.

Junior faces James DeGale in what could be a career-defining fight at London’s O2 Arena on February 23.