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Home » Lennox Lewis ‘returns fire’ with Eddie Hearn picture, beef continues

Lennox Lewis ‘returns fire’ with Eddie Hearn picture, beef continues

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Former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis ‘returned fire’ over the weekend after comments made by Eddie Hearn.

Lewis had made his thoughts clear regarding Hearn’s star fighter Anthony Joshua and the Brit possibly avoiding fights with Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury.

Dan Canobbio of CompuBox caught up Lewis in December. The legend had an interesting take on the Wilder/Fury/Joshua situation.

Here’s what he said at the time:

Lewis on Wilder-Fury II and where it leaves Joshua:

“I think they should have a rematch [Wilder and Fury], Joshua can wait. He doesn’t want any of those guys. When he saw that fight, he’s like, ‘Wow these guys can box’, and now they are going to do it again.”

Lewis on rumors of Joshua fighting in NYC in April:

“I don’t think he’ll [Joshua] come over here [United States] right now. I think he’s too happy in England being protected, and boxing in front of the British crowd.”

Referring to the Wilder v Fury blockbuster which enhanced both their reputations on December 1, Lewis doesn’t see Joshua getting involved with the pair anytime soon.

Hearn had a response. The Matchroom boss told Lewis to ‘stop talking s***’ and labelled him a geezer in interviews since.


That prompted Lewis to continue the beef with an Instagram post of Hearn depicted as controversial promoter Don King.

In what is an old picture recirculated by Lewis, Hearn has the hair and hands of the ex-Mike Tyson promoter, complete with customary Don King jewelry and cigar.

Taking some stick from the UK fans for his trouble, Lewis doesn’t seem fazed by Hearn’s recent media assault.

Joshua remains without an opponent as offers to Wilder, Fury and Dillian Whyte have all been rejected.

‘AJ’ and Hearn have been accused of continually lowballing potential opponents. Whilst Hearn recently named Jarrell Miller as one contender who wouldn’t price himself out.

‘Big Baby’ remains the favorite for what would be a June outing at Madison Square Garden. That is unless Joshua decides to raise his offer to Whyte this coming week.