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Home » Eddie Hearn v Frank Warren feud crosses the line, enters into the farcical

Eddie Hearn v Frank Warren feud crosses the line, enters into the farcical

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The ongoing tit-for-tat argument between Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren took another ridiculous turn this week.

Hearn and Warren obviously don’t like each other and rarely work together. But to have the two top promoters in the UK bickering constantly is worrying for fans moving forward.

Some of the back-and-forth digs are fairly close to the bone of late. And the dislike is clear between the pair.

With some big fights to be made, Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury to name just one, the prospect of Hearn and Warren working together on a collision of that magnitude seems remote.

That’s if their latest exchange is anything to go by.

“I’ve never spoken to Eddie Hearn in my life, but he annoys me. People need to hear this, and on the record. It’s Eddie Hearn’s father, Barry Hearn, who runs that business. The kid just goes off talking rubbish. He has an ego which is awful. If he was my kid, I’d slap him down,” Warren told The Times a few days ago.

Waiting for the right moment to respond, Hearn came back fighting in a chat with talkSPORT on Tuesday.

“I saw Frank Warren say if I was his son, he’d give me a smack. Looking at his financial accounts, he probably wishes I was his son,” said Hearn.

“He was like us once. He was a young man controlling the boxing game and we’re just doing our thing.

“Our business is a lot bigger than boxing and it’s close to our heart. We pay everyone on time and we run a very solid business.

“Integrity is king to us and we’ll carry on doing what we’re doing,” he added.


Warren is currently involved in the biggest fight boxing has to offer in 2019 as Fury prepares to rematch Deontay Wilder.

Wanting to make the Joshua v Wilder fight, Hearn could be further irked by his star champion being left out of the picture.

The fans would certainly want the Wilder v Fury return after the spectacular December 1st contest – but then the winner has to face Joshua later in 2019.

As mud is slung, and talk of slapping and ‘we earn more money than you’ nonsense is chucked from both sides of the British fence, the chances of that happening are diminishing by the minute.