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EXCLUSIVE: Robbie Davies Jr reflects on British title victory in Newcastle

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Now the dust has settled on Robbie Davies Jr’s British and Commonwealth title triumph over Glenn Foot, the popular Scouser took time to reflect on his victory with WBN.

Davies Jnr, now 17-1 (12 KO’s), relieved Foot of his junior welterweight Commonwealth title. Whilst picking up the vacant British strap in a good bout in Newcastle on October 13th.

It was arguably the most significant win of Davies Jr’s career to date thus far, even more so than his revenge victory over Michal Syrowatka.

“It obviously means a lot to me. I needed a big win and a big show. It always makes it better with the fans. I know in the ring I got emotional and all that; the emotions always run high. It honestly meant the world to me. I put so much into it.” Davies Jr exclusively told World Boxing News.

Davies Jr was always prepared for what Foot brought to the table. But a cut sustained by the Scouser in the second round forced him to rethink his tactics during the showdown.

“I always knew that was what he was going to do. I had to change my tactics in the fight because of the cut. We were never planning on moving the whole fight, but obviously because it was a bad cut and my eye was pouring and pouring we had to.

“My cut-man did a great job stopping the bleeding but by the end of every round it was open again with Glenn rubbing his head on it.

“It’s good that I have different ways of fighting in my arsenal, if I didn’t I would probably of came unstuck. I felt like I dealt with the cut and gave a good performance. I have been cut before but I’ve never had one like that.

“With the cut, the best way was to keep moving and get out the way. I felt in the middle rounds I hit him with a few body-shots that took the wind out of him.”

Foot’s roughhousing tactics didn’t come as a surprise to Davies Jnr and perhaps even played into his hands.

“I said in the previous interviews before the fight that being tough and aggressive isn’t enough to beat me and that’s all he had and it wasn’t enough to beat me.

“I come through it quite comfortably even though in the fight it felt a lot harder,” Davies Jr said with a chuckle.


Foot seemed to get away with hitting Davies Jr round the back of the head in the clinches a lot during the fight. Which didn’t bother his opponent, it was a more unusual tactic that made the 29-year-old take notice.

“It didn’t bother me much because I always knew that was going to happen. Him hitting hit the back of my head didn’t bother me. The best tactic he has which I’ve never seen before is, when we were in the clinch he would pull my shorts down. So when you step away he would try to hit you and I was like ‘I’ve never seen that one before’.

“He had every trick in the book; he’s a good fighter. Even in the build-up I don’t take any of it to heart, it’s all the entertainment game. But that’s why I never say or do anything before the fight because I don’t want to do something I’m going to regret. Whereas obviously for Glenn it would be a bitter pill to swallow.”

The future looks bright for Davies Jr now with a victory that will open up more doors and opportunities on the bigger stages. Whereas for his victim, the loss was a big dent in his career.

But Davies Jnr doesn’t see the loss to himself as any reason to hang up the gloves just yet for Foot.

“Up in the North East they need good fighters and Glenn is one of the best up there. He’ll get some good fights at domestic level. I don’t see why he should retire just yet,” Concluded Davies.

Thomas Davison is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Thomas on Twitter @thomasdavison93