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Home » ‘Big’ George Foreman on Anthony Joshua, MayPac 2 and Canelo v GGG 2

‘Big’ George Foreman on Anthony Joshua, MayPac 2 and Canelo v GGG 2

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Former world heavyweight champion ‘Big’ George Foreman stopped by Sirius XM Boxing recently.

Foreman discussed Anthony Joshua, Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao 2 and Canelo v GGG 2.

Here’s what George had to say to Gerry Cooney and Randy Gordon:

GerryDoes Joshua have to come to fight here in the United States to solidify his legacy?

George Foreman:  I don’t think so. This guy has got a big following and I think a lot of guys made a mistake especially from when they were of far-off fighting too much in the United States.

From all that I’ve seen, I think if he came over once and fought in New York that would be good, But if he overstayed his welcome, and he didn’t do well, he should go right back to London and stay there.


George Foreman on May-Pac 2

Randy:  Talking about comebacks and everything like that, Floyd Mayweather is looking out there he knows how much he made in his last two fights. The last one was against Conor McGregor. Can’t even think of the number that he made about 300 million. the year before that he fought Manny Pacquiao for lord knows how much. Now he’s talking about doing it again against Manny Pacquiao. Your thoughts?

George Foreman:  I would go to that well, So long as there is some water in it. The only reason that turned back is that the well went dry. Maybe what. That’s a good line. All he does is retire to spend money so he needs a way to generate funds. And if the people will come out and fight for it I wouldn’t say a word. I’d go do it. I would do it. And he is now is old. Oh that’s. I can tell you that he’s not old and no one is really hurting you.

Listen to George on MayPac2 here:


George Foreman on Canelo-GGG 2

Randy:  Did you watch the middleweight championship last week Triple G against Canelo.

George Foreman: Lovely. Great fight.

Randy: Who won?

George Foreman: Triple G. I’m gonna ask you a question, I go to Africa all the buildup is put George Foreman is going to kill Muhammad Ali.

I get up and after six rounds start winning points on jabs. No judge is going to give me that fight.

What you said you going to do? You know I don’t like being a dope but actually, the script was for Triple G to get out there and knock him out.

He turned out to be the Sugar Ray Robinson idea of this new millennium. NO WAY HE SHOULD HE DESERVE THAT FIGHT. If you can’t do it don’t let him paint you that way.

And those judges couldn’t read. Justice served was to give him a fight on points. I wouldn’t have done it. Canelo stopped him.

He beat him in the body. He beat him in points. Of course, he retaliated. The other guy retaliated but that’s not what about that ticket for, to see retaliation. I bought that to see him beat Canelo. It didn’t happen.


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