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Home » Joshua wants Povetkin war: I’m willing to take a bit to give a bit!

Joshua wants Povetkin war: I’m willing to take a bit to give a bit!

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In an electric evening at York Hall in London, England, Saturday night’s fighters were on display at the Joshua v Povetkin public workout.

None more prominently than Anthony Joshua himself and challenger Alexander Povetkin.

The pair are slated to face off against each other at Wembley Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 22.

Spectators packed both levels at York Hall on Wednesday to see Joshua and Povetkin up close ahead of the big event.

Saturday’s fight will also represent the first live broadcast for DAZN in the U.S., which will be carrying the fight card live exclusively.

In an interview with media on preparing for the fight, Joshua said: “Yeah I’m focused. I’ve come to a stage now where I have a deep world and my hearts big.

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“In sparring, I’ve tested myself time and time again. My coaches wonder what I’m doing in sparring. So sometimes I’ll tell them to hit me because I know how to throw punches. I know how to fight, but the question is what I can take when it comes back.

“So with Povetkin, I’m completely focused, but also focused on having a good scrap, and don’t mind coming away with a black eye and a cut nose because I want to give a bit to take a bit.” On the outcome of the fight, Joshua said, “Hopefully take him down in round 8!”

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“I think right now I’m in one of the best shapes of my career. Although I’m 39 right now, I feel like I’m 25,” said Povetkin regarding his conditioning. “I have Anthony Joshua in my sights and that’s all I’m focused about is this fight.”

“This is very important fight for me and of course this will be one of my last chances to make an impact and I will.”

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