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Home » Journeyman boxer retires after 300th fight and 279th defeat

Journeyman boxer retires after 300th fight and 279th defeat

The same weekend which saw another British battler in Cello Renda hang up his gloves, Laight posted a thank you message to his fans just over one month after his landmark 300th bout.

“I would like to let people know I’m now a retired boxer,” exclaimed Laight.

“I’ve had 300 professional fights, week in week out with no gaps. I think I’ve earned a good rest now,” he added jokingly.

Revealing a battered body following years of service, Laight continued: “I’m not going to lie, I’ve had a couple of nasty little injuries for a few years now that I kept away from everyone and my body just can’t do what I used to do. It’s time to enjoy my family and be a normal working citizen!

“I’m not going to lie I am going to miss it as it’s been my life and income for fifteen plus years. It’s all I’ve known, to be honest, and it’s going to be a shock to the system but I’m proud of what I’ve done for pro boxing.

“I’ve had a chat with my manager and we’ve agreed for me to stay in the game at East Side Gym. (I’ll) get my seconds/trainers license and pass my knowledge and defensive skills to these young up and coming lads. I just want to stay in the game as it would be a shame if I was to just walk away.

“Also, I want to take this time to thank all my boxing family whoever has helped me. Jon Pegg, Paul Soggy Counihan, Spencer McCracken Steve O’Rourke and all the others. Sullivan Mason, John Mason and old Barry and many more. That’s me done – 300 and OUT – god bless!”

Losing to Luke Beasley in Coventry on July 28 proved to be the final chapter for Laight, who has shared the ring with top domestic operators in Kevin Mitchell, Martin Gethin, Lee Purdy, Stefy Bull, Tyrone Nurse, Tommy Coyle, Derry Mathews, Terry Flanagan, Sean ‘Masher’ Dodd, Lewis Ritson and a host of up and comers over recent years.

Scaling just four pounds heavier than for his 2003 debut last month shows just how professional Laight conducted himself, both in and outside of the ring, and WBN would like to take this opportunity to wish the Nuneaton man well in the future.