Deontay Wilder rages at ‘cowards’ Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn

📸 Ed Diller

Deontay Wilder took to social media on Tuesday night to give his side to the collapse of a negotiated fight with Anthony Joshua.

Taking a mandatory fight with Alexander Povetkin under duress from the WBA – WITHOUT ASKING FOR AN EXCEPTION to face Wilder – the American has now labelled his UK rival and promoter Eddie Hearn ‘cowards’ for not waiting until Friday for the official paperwork.

Wilder’s advisor Shelly Finkel had exclusively told WBN a contract would be sent back by the weekend, although Joshua and Hearn went in the direction of Povetkin after an order by the WBA.

As Finkel also pointed out on Tuesday in an exclusive with WBN, Joshua had NOT asked for an exception to face Wilder, something that overrules a mandatory, meaning in their view he’s clearly avoided the fight.

“The organizations recognize a unification over a mandatory. If you ask for an exception for a fight of this magnitude, I would highly doubt they would say no,” Finkel exclusively told World Boxing News.

“So, if Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn wanted the fight, instead of saying the WBA are pressing him, he would be able to ask for an exception and most likely the WBA would have given it and this would not be an issue.

“The fact is, he’s never asked for an exception. Everyone knows it’s best for boxing to make this fight. But Joshua and his team are obviously not interested in what the fans want.”

Wilder, adding his expletive-ridden views on the matter, was clearly upset that Joshua didn’t go down the same route he did for Klitschko and ask the WBA to allow him to unify.

“These mother******* NEVER EVER WANTED THIS FIGHT – PERIOD! It’s obvious they showed sign of it when they didn’t want me in the ring (back in March at the Joseph Parker fight). Coward a** mother******* lead the boxing fans on for three months. They held this s*** up for this very moment. The world have seen the truth they are f***ing cowards.

“All they had to do is say they were scared to fight – period. But instead made themselves look like what they are, not stand up guys and f***ing scammers. If you’re scared say you’re scared. He can just be the champ of England f*** them!

“I knew I smelled p**** but damn Anthony Josuha I didn’t know the odor was that strong you coward a*** b****. You had the world waiting for three months playing games just for this moment. You’re not a true champion. You’re just a weak-minded coward holding hard metal.”

Responding to Hearn stating on Twitter they didn’t do their part in the deal, Wilder added: “Stop with the bulls***. We did it all. You f***ers didn’t want this work, you scared mother*******. You talk s*** but can’t back nothing up. You’re a coward and no the people see the truth.

“I’m so happy it’s over now as I’ve done my part. The world has seen that so stay in England with that BS. We will have the last laugh I promise you.”

In direct response to a question over Joshua having to fight Povetkin, Wilder pointed out – like Finkel, that this wasn’t the case.

“That s*** (mandatory) don’t matter when it comes to a unification mother*******!”

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay