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Home » Deontay Wilder says Anthony Joshua had one-sided rematch clause

Deontay Wilder says Anthony Joshua had one-sided rematch clause

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As WBN covered with Finkel, Eddie Hearn sent a contract to Wilder’s co-manager and advisor three days late before waiting for a further two days to respond to those points mentioned.


Finkel was ready to send the contract back to Hearn without anything being resolved on those two matters with time running out on a deal.

Wilder has now moved to shockingly join Finkel in pointing out that the contract had no date, no venue but went further and added that a one-sided rematch clause inserted in the paperwork meant Joshua could win in the UK and not have to agree to a second fight in the United States as previously agreed.

“It was simple. The two things were simple. How can you send a contract to anybody when you don’t have a date on there? – Nor do you have a venue up in there. He’s sending the contract saying ‘Just sign it,” Wilder told Tha Boxing Voice Podcast in the wake of the fight falling apart.


“Another thing that was up in there was talking about if I beat Joshua, he gets a rematch, but if he beats me, then it’s up to him to decide if there was a rematch. Nah, it’s either going to (be a rematch clause for both] or none at all. There is going to a rematch or no rematch at all. It’s crazy. ‘How are you going to send a contract like that?

“It was simple things that they could not answer. It ain’t that they couldn’t. It’s that they wouldn’t. They didn’t want to because they don’t want this fight.”

On a fight between Joshua and Povetkin now set for September, Wilder stated he believed the Russian had let slip. The fight was a done deal sometime before this week.

“Povetkin already said it. Joshua already did the deal. That’s why they’ve been stalling and stalling, trying to come up with narratives that try to take the heat off them. If you’re going to be a fool, be a fool for yourself, not for anyone else.”


He concluded: “If anything, he’s messed up his own legacy. I’m relieved this situation is over and done. For three months, they’ve been putting us on. Eddie can stick his flat fee up his a**.”

Finkel had previously told World Boxing News: “On Tuesday, June 19th, we requested clarification of two points. They did not respond.

“I requested them again on Thursday, June 21st, and we finally received a response on Friday, June 22nd.

“Two days later, on Sunday, June 24th, I sent them a letter acknowledging Eddie’s email of June 22, telling them they would have the contract back by Friday, June 29th.


“Since the contract did not state the date or the venue, I also asked for that information.”