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Home » Raquel Miller wins six-round UD over Szilvia Szabados in Queens

Raquel Miller wins six-round UD over Szilvia Szabados in Queens

Miller stunned and hurt Szabados throughout the contest. Miller, who was making her New York City debut showed her versatility by featuring a diverse arsenal of punches with both hands.

Miller handled the former world-title challenger with ease as she won by shutout scores of 60-54 on all cards.

Miller wore a ring outfit that paid homage to the movie Black Panther.

The 2012 United States Olympic Alternate, Miller continued her dominance as a professional as her record soared to 6-0.

“I enjoyed myself in there last night and it felt good to be back in action,” said Miller. “I felt strong, and I felt like that I had a solid performance. My opponent was tough and I was happy to get the rounds in. Fighting under the DiBella Entertainment banner is very special, and I appreciated being warmly embraced by Lou DiBella himself!”

“I decided to come out as the leader of the Wakanda tribe in the movie Black Panther, Dora Milaje. I was accented in gold because I felt they represent the new age women warriors like myself. We are fierce, strong and not afraid to go to war. I love to trailblaze, and set the bar high. I’m sure we can expect to see other women coming out and joining the Wakanda tribe and I’m happy to be the leader of that movement. “

Said Split-T Management CEO, David McWater, “After being off for 8 months, I was more than happy with her performance. Going in, I wanted to see how she performed with Szilvia Szabados as compared to how Clarrissa Shields performed and Raquel definitely looked better.”