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Home » Adrien Broner’s state of mind and drinking cause more concern, ‘retirement post’ deleted

Adrien Broner’s state of mind and drinking cause more concern, ‘retirement post’ deleted

The star boxer’s life continues to spiral out of control as Broner continues to post about his drinking and damaging himself or others.

On Wednesday, Broner ‘announced his retirement’ saying he was ‘done with boxing’ before later removing the post.

Broner had been out drinking in Dallas, leading some to believe his state of mind could be fluctuating in sync with his alcohol levels.

A series on run-ins with the law, coupled with shocking statements during and after the build-up to his fights have many supporters preparing for the worst.

‘The Problem’ has made several threats to end his own life or involve himself in arguments that could result in his death, whilst stating on social media last week that, ‘he knows he’s going to die soon’.

More posts sent out during another troubled time included Broner pleading for somebody to try and hurt him so he could retaliate, adding that he was ‘on his own’ without anybody around.

Broner is usually seen with a plethora of people around him, meaning any time spent without support could have serious consequences for the American.

Without a boxing victory since February 2017, Broner’s reputation in the ring is now taking a hit following on from high-profile arrests and court appearances which have dented his time outside of winning title belts.

A four-weight world champion, Broner had the boxing world at his feet at one point during his career, although money and fame are seemingly not helping the 28 year-old at this crossroads of his life.