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Home » EXCLUSIVE: Emotional Kieran Farrell discusses Mike Towell and Scott Westgarth tragedies

EXCLUSIVE: Emotional Kieran Farrell discusses Mike Towell and Scott Westgarth tragedies

Farrell retired from the sport after suffering brain damage from his fight with Anthony Crolla in 2012 and the tragic deaths of Scott Westgarth and Mike Towell have played on the minds of many having evoked painful memories for the fighter-turned promoter.

When asked his thoughts on the incidents, Farrell clearly found it an emotional subject.

“Obviously I had the same injury myself and I recovered from it which I put down to my unusual fitness but its so sad. I donated a few quid to the Scott Westgarth and the Mike Towell funds,” Farrell exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I felt bad as on the same night as Scott (Westgarth) died, I said ‘is he definitely gone?’ and it was 100%. I was putting in a text message saying like is he 100% gone?”

“I didn’t actually put it because I felt bad putting it but I was speaking about it and the thing is, they’re never going to be forgotten about. But it’s their families for instance, they have to see life going on and everyone else is still boxing.

“Everyone else is getting on with things and now Scott’s not being mentioned, but with regard to boxing, lads like me – we’re all lads who are used to boxing.

“This is our life, so this is our business and this is how we have to make it in life.

“The show must go on which is so sad, I was thinking about it and it happened and I thought why the f*** are they bothering with this game? It’s brutal and it’s not nice.

“In the same breath, I was like this is how I have to make my money and this is the way our life is. We can’t say we’re not going to do it anymore because we’ve got no income for our own families then.”

Farrell who also manages boxers, believes unless there is a big investment, things will stay the same.

“It’s so sad and I really don’t think there’s a way we can make the sport any safer. I really don’t.”

He concluded: “There’s nothing much more we can do unless we had a big investment from Dubai or some sort of guy who wanted to give everyone a £10,000 brain scanner.

“I don’t think its ever going to get any better, it’s just one of those – what can you do?”

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller